Zwigato, Starring Kapil Sharma, Secures a Place in the Prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Library

In a remarkable achievement, the screenplay of the thought-provoking film Zwigato, directed by Nandita Das and featuring Kapil Sharma and Shahana Goswami, has been selected to be part of the permanent core collection at the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. The film, produced by Applause Entertainment and Nandita Das Initiatives, delves into the profound impact of the food app service industry on the working class.

Nandita Das, renowned actress-turned-director, expressed her surprise and joy on Twitter, emphasizing the importance of stories deeply rooted in their own cultural contexts. She highlighted how such narratives have the power to transcend boundaries and become an integral part of world cinema. Zwigato, which received a global release in March 2023, garnered acclaim for its nuanced portrayal of ordinary individuals who drive India’s economy. The film premiered at prestigious international film festivals like Toronto and Busan, earning accolades for its compelling storytelling.

By earning a place in the Academy’s library, the Zwigato screenplay not only receives a significant recognition but also becomes a valuable resource for aspiring filmmakers, students, and writers. This achievement further solidifies the film’s impact and celebrates its contribution to the realm of cinema. Zwigato’s inclusion in the Academy’s esteemed collection serves as a testament to the film’s artistic merit and its ability to captivate audiences while shedding light on important socio-economic issues.


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