Nandita Das talks about her film ‘Zwigato’ and its purpose

Nandita Das, the acclaimed filmmaker, is all set to release her latest film ‘Zwigato’. The movie is about a delivery man and his family, navigating through challenging economic circumstances. Das says she was “compelled” to tell this story and hopes that people will watch it.

In an interview, she emphasized that the commercial success of the film is not her primary concern. Rather, she wants to share the story and touch people’s lives with it. She believes that if people watch it, the box office success will follow.

Das further elaborated that the situations portrayed in the film touched her, and that’s what she wants to share with everyone. She hopes that audiences will connect with the story and understand the struggles faced by those trying to make ends meet.

‘Zwigato’ is set to release on March 17 and promises to be an emotional journey. Das’s commitment to telling stories that matter and resonate with audiences makes this film a must-watch.


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