A. R. Rahman Addresses ‘Marakkuma Nenjam’ Concert Chaos, Vows to Ensure Safety

Renowned composer A. R. Rahman has expressed profound regret over the disarray that marred his recent concert, ‘Marakkuma Nenjam’, held in Chennai. The event drew a staggering 45,000-strong crowd at the Adityaram Palace City on September 11. Regrettably, numerous attendees faced long queues, traffic congestion, and inadequate crowd control.

Speaking with The Hindu, Rahman voiced his deep concern, asserting accountability for the situation. He stated, “As a composer, my job was to give a terrific show, and I thought everything else would be taken care of.” He added that he was unaware of the mismanagement outside the venue. Rahman emphasized that ensuring safety, especially for women and children, was of paramount importance. He pledged to rectify the situation and assured fans of a forthcoming surprise.

Describing the concert as 90% successful, Rahman acknowledged a 10% setback in crowd management. He lauded the audience’s enthusiasm and expressed his ambition to establish Chennai as an arts capital. Despite the challenges, he refrained from assigning blame, emphasizing that attendees come for the music, not the organizers.

Rahman’s commitment to the safety and satisfaction of his audience underscores his dedication to delivering exceptional performances while ensuring a seamless concert experience for all.


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