Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi Warns Salman Khan of Consequences Over Blackbuck Case

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has issued a fresh warning to Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, threatening him with “consequences” if he doesn’t apologise to the Bishnoi community for his involvement in the Blackbuck case. In a recent interview from prison, Bishnoi expressed his community’s anger towards the actor and accused him of “humiliating” them.

The Blackbuck case dates back to 1998 when Salman Khan was accused of killing two blackbucks during the shooting of a film in Rajasthan. Bishnoi’s community considers the blackbuck to be sacred and had filed a case against the actor for hunting them.

Despite being found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison, Salman Khan has not issued an apology to the Bishnoi community, which has only angered Bishnoi further. In his latest interview, Bishnoi warned the actor to apologise or face the consequences, adding that he will not depend on anyone else.

The threat from the gangster has raised concerns about the safety of Salman Khan, who has faced several such threats in the past. The incident also highlights the growing influence of gangsters in Indian society and their ability to intimidate even the biggest stars in the entertainment industry.

As the Blackbuck case continues to be a contentious issue, it remains to be seen whether Salman Khan will heed Bishnoi’s warning and issue an apology to the Bishnoi community.


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