Naseeruddin Shah Reveals Unconventional Use of ‘Filmfare Awards’ as Door Handles, Criticizes Lobbying in Award Ceremonies

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah, known for his candid opinions, recently expressed his dissatisfaction with award ceremonies and the concept of judging an actor’s skill. In an interview, Shah shared an intriguing revelation about his disinterest in these accolades by disclosing that he has repurposed some of his Filmfare Awards as door handles at his farmhouse.

Speaking with Lallantop, the seasoned actor voiced his concerns about the fairness of singling out one actor as the best among many talented individuals. He questioned the legitimacy of such judgments, stating, “Any actor who has devoted their life and effort to portray a role is a good actor. If you select just one person from the lot and label them as the ‘best actor of the year,’ how can that be fair?” Shah further revealed his lack of pride in these awards, admitting that he didn’t even bother attending the last two ceremonies where he was honored. Instead, he creatively repurposed the trophies as handles in his farmhouse’s washroom.

Delving deeper into his perspective, Shah highlighted the prevalence of lobbying in the award-giving process. He firmly stated that the trophies he has amassed over the years hold little value for him, emphasizing, “Initially, I was content when I received these awards. But as time went on, the trophies started piling up around me. Eventually, I realized that these awards are merely a result of lobbying.”

However, it’s important to note that Shah did mention attending and accepting the prestigious Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan awards, the highest civilian honors bestowed upon him in recognition of his significant contributions to Indian cinema. Despite his reservations about other award ceremonies, he holds these particular accolades in high regard.

Naseeruddin Shah’s candid revelation sheds light on the actor’s disillusionment with the current state of award shows, where he believes lobbying plays a significant role in determining the winners. By repurposing his Filmfare Awards as unique door handles, he symbolically expresses his disdain for a system that he feels undermines the true essence of acting excellence.

As the debate around the authenticity and fairness of award ceremonies continues, Naseeruddin Shah’s bold stance serves as a thought-provoking reminder of the intricacies and subjective nature of recognizing talent in the film industry. Stay tuned for more updates on industry veterans and their perspectives on the evolving landscape of Bollywood.


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