There was no longer reality left in Indian Idol, so I decided to QUIT says, Mini Mathur

Mini Mathur, who previously hosted six seasons of the music reality show Indian Idol, has finally revealed why she decided to quit the show. According to Mini, the reality on the show had become artificial and contrived, leading her to feel that it was no longer authentic. She realized that it was created solely for the purpose of being filmed, rather than reflecting a genuine experience.

Mini Mathur opened up about the same in one of recent Cyrus Broacha’s podcasts and alleged how Indian Idol started to fabricate moments for the viewers. She cited an instance where a contestant was surprised to see a family member, despite already knowing that they would appear on the show.

“I called it quits only when I realised that now, there is no longer real reality. I did six seasons. After that, it was just a question of making money, but by then, the husband had started making money… But I really didn’t appreciate that reality had become constructed,” she said.


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